Is synchro for you?

If you like any combination of swimming, gymnastics, and music, it is!!

Synchro is almost like “swim dancing”.

Learn how to use your body to make beautiful art in the water to music. You can even hear the music underwater!!

Sac Synchro can offer various programs for you. Our USA National Team head coach, Ali Williams, will teach you the essences of synchronized swimming.

SPRING BREAK TRY-IT! See what Sac Synchro is all about! Watch our team perform with Ali Williams, Olympic Synchronized swimmer and Sac Synchro’s coach. Then, with the guidance of our professionals, try the routine yourself.

6:15 pm – 6:30 pm team performance.
6:30 pm – 7 pm clinic.
For ages 6 to 17.  Any skill level is welcome ranging from beginners to advanced.

Our Synchro Splash Program: Welcomes all first time mermaids and mermen! Come explore our underwater world. When: Every Saturday 1:30-2:45pm at Little Whales Swim School

Our Pre Team 1: Welcomes mermaids and mermen who are comfortable with Synchro Splash and want to try learning more skills. When: Every Saturday 1:30-2:45pm at Little Whales Swim School

Our Novice Team is for swimmers who have some synchro experience that are ready to learn figures and routines!

Our Intermediate Team are often rec team swimmers looking for higher-level synchro. This could be a summer team program, or year-round.

Our Age-Group Team athletes are looking to master the sport, and potentially travel and compete. It is a year-round program.


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